Dr. Martin Hawley

Dr. Martin Hawley
Chairperson and Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

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  • Ph.D, Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1964
  • B.S.,  Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1961

Research Biography
            Carbon nanotube synthesis; chemical kinetics; reactor design; transport   phenomena; enzyme kinetics; plasma reactions; electromagnetic processing   of materials; petro-chemical processes; biomass conversion processes.

Selected Publications

  • Hawley, M. and Sgriccia, N.  "Characterization of Natural Fiber Surfaces."  Proceedings of ICCM - 16:  Sixteenth International Conference on Composites Materials.  Kyoto,  Japan.  July 8-13, 2007
  • Sun, R.,  Kempel, L., Zong, L., Hawley, M. and Benard, A.  "Coupled   Electromagnetic Thermal and Kinetic Modeling for Microwave Processing of   Polymers with Temperature and Cure Dependent Permittivity Using 3D   FEM."  IEEE Magnetics.  Submitted.
  • Zong,  L., Sun, R., Kempel, L., Hawley, M., "Dielectric relaxation of curing   DGEBA/mPDA system at 2.45 GHz." Composite Structures.  Submitted.
  • Farhat, S., Hawley, M., Kempel, L., Balasubramaniam, S. "Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetodielectric   Composites for Radio Frequency Applications."  Proceedings of Materials   Science and Technology 2007 Conference and Exhibit. Detroit, MI.  September 16-20, 2007.