Academic Partners

As packaging has moved toward becoming a “decision science” and there is greater appreciation of packaging’s importance to new product development, in terms of consumer behavior, retail and brand value, product quality, supply chain and profitability, there has been an even stronger recognition of the impact of packaging on the global ecosystem. New demands that packaging not only deliver quality products, but also have minimal impact on the environment are leading to additional expectations of packaging as a science. To fully address the need for an integrated approach to research the Center brings together four of MSU’s premier units across three of its largest colleges.

Academic Units

Dr. Susan Selke

School of Packaging
Dr. Susan Selke, Director

Dr. Ajit Srivastava

Department of Biosystems and Agriculture Engineering
Dr. Ajit Srivastava, Chairperson and Professor

Dr. David Closs

Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Dr. David Closs, Acting Chairperson and Professor

Dr. Martin Hawley

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Dr. Martin Hawley, Chairperson and Professor


Dr. Satish Udpa

College of Engineering
Dr. Satish Udpa, Dean

Dr. Stefanie Lenway

Eli Broad College of Business
Dr. Stefanie Lenway, Dean

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Dr. Douglas Buhler, Interim Dean